Student Recreation Centre

Home of UBC Recreation, the UBC Student Recreation Centre offers over 17,000 sq ft of flat space in the upper triple court gymnasium which can accommodate 3-6 volleyball courts (4 championship courts), three basketball courts, 12 badminton courts, or three indoor soccer courts. Additionally, the facility is an ideal venue for hosting trade shows, large group examinations and a variety of different tournaments. The main level also features a 2,300 sq ft dance studio with stretching bars and a 1,600 sq ft martial arts dojo with matted floor. The SRC also houses the Birdcoop Fitness Centre which is a full service fitness and weight room facility.

Facility Details

Triple Court Gymnasium

  • All 3 courts: 173 ft (length) by100 ft (width): 17,300 sq ft
  • 1 court: 100 ft (length), 57 ft (width)
  • Ceiling: 38 ft at the highest point (sloped ceiling) and 31 ft at lowest point


  • Wood floor – 40 ft (width), 55 ft (length): 2300 sq ft
  • Maple wood sprung flooring
  • 3 mirrored walls
  • Stretching bars
  • Capacity: 45 people


  • Padded floor – 39.5 ft (width), 39.5 ft (length): 1600 sq ft
  • Matted floor
  • 1 mirrored wall
  • Capacity: 40 people

Fitness Centre

  • 8,000 sq ft
  • Large selection of cardio machines, weight machines and free weights
  • Olympic lifting platforms
  • Climbing cave
  • 16 person spin room equiped with high performance bikes, sound system and mic